P1F Conference Call

My friend Van Davenport, the owner of Protect 1 Family, Inc. asked me to be guest speaker on his conference call this morning.

He asked me to speak on the following:

  • How to have a strong start on a Trainmore
  • What technology tools I’ve discovered to help make the job easier
  • How to leverage the momentum from this Trainmore into a strong start to Q4 next week

After agreeing to speak, I then proceeded to sleep through all three of my alarms, leaving him high and dry.

To begin my penance, I made this make-good video for his team where I covered all of the above topics and decided make it public for all of you to learn from.

Hopefully you learn a bonus lesson from my experience: Be sure to have someone physically wake you up for your early morning commitments when you’re knee-deep in your 3-week old baby’s night feedings.

Here are the app links I reference in the video:

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