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Hosted by Eric Hemati

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WorkFORCE exclusively markets Family Heritage products for small business owners and families.

We give our clients cold, hard cash when they go through cancer, heart problems, accidents and hospitalizations - keeping them from the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the USA: Medical Bills

Take 20 minutes and learn about our career. I go over the good, bad, and ugly of what we do, and I'm confident you'll know with 100% clarity if this is the right path for you or not after we're done with the session.

Our team enjoys:

  • Advanced pay schedule- $55,000-$100,000k+ first year potential
  • LIFETIME renewal income: vested for life starts after 2 years and 100% after only 5 years
  • 4 free company trips per year (bring your family)
  • Leadership and management positions immediately available for the right person
  • FREE LEADS to existing clients with more needs
  • Cash bonuses and FREE STOCK for growing your business! (TMK traded on NYSE)
  • Agency Ownership track for qualified Team Leaders

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