Is Cancer Insurance Worth the Cost?

This post was written by Terry Savage and originally featured on the Creators Syndicate Q: Should I buy cancer insurance? A: Buying insurance is a choice that is based on mathematics — and emotion. For instance, we buy homeowners insurance despite relatively long odds against a fire. But the odds of dying are 100 percent — and yet Read more about Is Cancer Insurance Worth the Cost?[…]

Bridging the Gap

Few products can help bridge a gap quite like critical illness insurance. This relatively affordable solution has the potential power to help cover medical costs not covered by traditional health plans, facilitate small business continuity from one generation/partner to another in the event of a covered illness, and generate incremental streams of revenue for financial Read more about Bridging the Gap[…]

Don’t Screw Up Your Taxes

Being self-employed is one of the most exhilarating adventures you will ever take. Knowing you don’t really have to answer to anyone but yourself is addicting in a way that few but the entrepreneur will ever experience. That being said, being responsible for your own taxes is also a headache that few entrepreneurs appreciate until Read more about Don’t Screw Up Your Taxes[…]

Legal and Financial Impacts of Cancer

M.D. Anderson, one of the nation’s premier cancer treatment centers, just released this post on their website. I’ve highlighted the relevant portions as it relates to what we do for our clients. It’s amazing to me that even when you have great health insurance, you will probably still come out of pocket over $35,000 of your Read more about Legal and Financial Impacts of Cancer[…]