After seeing the WorkFORCE Spotlight, you’ll have a great feel for our culture, our market, and our growth strategy. You’ll also understand the different positions we’re hiring for and how you can be a part of what we’re building.

Over the next three pages, we’ll go through the most commonly asked questions about our career, how we market our products and get our leads, and how we get paid.

Q & A

I’ve Never Been In Sales Before – Can I Really Make A Good Income?

Absolutely! Some of our top income earners came from a completely unrelated field – here are some examples:

  • Teachers
  • Athletes
  • Former CEOs
  • Recent Graduates
  • Stay-at-home Moms
  • Veterans
  • Waiters & Bartenders
  • Musicians
  • Grandmothers
  • Leasing Agents
  • Recent Transplants
  • Real Estate Agents
  • City Administrators
  • Operations Managers

We see this as an advantage since we train you from the ground up. Some of our top six-figure income earners each year are people in their first year with our company. In fact, one in seven full time career agents with Family Heritage earns a six-figure income. Your income will be a direct reflection of two things; your work effort and your ability to apply our selling and growth systems. If you have confidence in both areas, we provide you the opportunity to attain your personal income goals.

When Can I Get Into Recruitment and Leadership?

We are a company where people with leadership qualities thrive. There is no required time limit before you can begin recruiting and leading people. While our sales professionals make a very lucrative income, recruiting and leading people adds significantly to your income opportunity.

When/How Can I Get Into Ownership?

We offer an ownership opportunity second to none. Think of Family Heritage as the NFL. The NFL is the governing body over multiple independently owned teams (Cowboys, Texans, Steelers, Chiefs, Patriots, etc.). Each football team has the freedom to create a culture within but all teams represent the product produced by the NFL. Family Heritage is represented by 50 independently owned and operated agencies, WorkFORCE being one of them. Each agency began with an individual sales professional who decided to climb the ladder to the top, and was promoted to agency owner. You can be promoted to owner of your own agency in as little as 2-3 years with the right focus and activity!

What Does It Mean To Be Fully Vested?

Vesting in your personal and team renewals is as follows: 50% after two years, 60% after three years, 70% after four years and 100% after five years. If you were to leave after those time periods you will continue to receive commissions paid to you moving forward on the lifetime of all the policies sold by you and the people you led! Should something happen to you, your vested commissions will go to whomever you desire.

What Would My First Few Weeks Look Like?

A new agent’s first few weeks are tightly structured to give a proven ramp to a successful launch. Our New Agent Calendar goes through this in detail.

What Expenses Will I Have Initially?

The company provides all the sales marketing materials, initial training & ongoing leadership development at no cost to you. The WorkFORCE Leadership Team provides the local office at no cost to you. You are responsible for attaining your state license, which is very inexpensive. You are also responsible for getting to and from selling appointments.

How Much Travel Is Involved?

This is your local career. Most of your time will be spent working in your local assigned territory. As a part of the corporate training process (called Sales Academy) you will travel for four days your first month to a nearby city and Family Heritage covers the cost of your hotel while you’re there.

Do You Offer Paid Benefits?

Because we are classified as independent contractors we meet our own insurance needs like any other business owner. Because of this you have the ability to choose what insurance is best for your own personal or family needs. Family Heritage offers cash bonuses designed to offset those costs.

Do People Fail In This Career?

Career agents fail because of 2 reasons:

1. Lack of effort
2. Lack of follow through on systems

We provide the best products and the need for our policies is ever growing. We provide exceptional product and process training. We provide a pay structure that is cash rich and a selling process that yields a very short selling cycle.

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