There are 4 parts to our Compensation Plan:

1 – Personal Sales Commission on New Business

Typical clients pay $100/month, and we start our Agents at 30% commission on every dollar of New Business premium. So every time Family Heritage collects $100, you earn $30 for the first 12 months.

We advance our Agents seven months of commission on every policy they sell.

  1. Client pays $100, you earn $30 (We advance you $210 right away)
  2. Client pays $100, you earn $30
  3. Client pays $100, you earn $30
  4. Client pays $100, you earn $30 
  5. Client pays $100, you earn $30
  6. Client pays $100, you earn $30
  7. Client pays $100, you earn $30 (Now your advance is paid off)
  8. Client pays $100, you earn $30 (Paid “as-earned”)
  9. Client pays $100, you earn $30 (Paid “as-earned”)
  10. Client pays $100, you earn $30 (Paid “as-earned”) 
  11. Client pays $100, you earn $30 (Paid “as-earned”)
  12. Client pays $100, you earn $30 (Paid “as-earned”)

The client in this example has paid $1,200 and you have earned $360

This financing allows our agents to build real wealth through ongoing commissions and still have strong cashflow in the early months. Bringing on 1 new client a day will create over $7,500 of recurring monthly income after just one year – and our advance plan will pay over $1,000/week along the way.

Your Personal Sales commission will automatically increase over time based on Lifetime Personal Production. Our training is designed to help our Agents sell a minimum of 5 policies each week for $250,000 in a year:

  • Your first $150,000 is paid at 30% = $45,000
  • Your second $100,000 is paid at 35% = $35,000
  • Your total earnings for your first year = $80,000

2 – Renewals & Residual Income: the most exciting thing about our career

  • On every active policy, starting in its 13th month, you will be paid a renewal commission.
  • You earn a 2% renewal commission every month for the life of each policy sold.
  • The average Family Heritage policy will stay on the books over 11 years.

Month 13 onward forever: Client pays $100, you earn $2

If you sell 5 policies every week = 250 policies = $500/month in residual income after one year.

A Family Heritage policy stays on the books an average of 10+ years, and your renewal commission will go up from 2% to 3% over time based on Lifetime Personal Production.

3 – Team Override on New Business

We’re growing fast and allow all our new Agents to bring in new Agents from day one, and you will earn 5% for all New Business sold by Agents you refer into the agency.

  • Average sale is $100/month or $5/month in commission
  • We advance 7 months of commission = $35
  • For each person making 5-6 sales/week, you would be advanced around $200

So your weekly advance would go up depending on how many active agents you have at any given time:

  • One agent = $200
  • Three agents = $600
  • Ten agents = $2,000

Your override will increase and you can also earn lifetime renewals on your team sales by leveraging our Leadership Track

Example: You manage a team of 4 people who sell one policy a day.

  • 1 policy/day x 5 days x 50 weeks = 250 policies x $1,000 (less than average annual premium) = $250,000 of annual premium per agent
  • x 4 agents = $1,000,000 of team production
  • x 5% override commission = $50,000 to you in management pay

As a team leader, you also earn 1% residual on every dollar of premium your team writes. So over a 5-year career:

  • $1,000,000 in team production x 5 years = $5,000,000
  • x 1% residual = $50,000 every year even after you leave the business.

When you combine the residual from your personal sales and from your team sales, you can build an amazing retirement annuity that will continue to pay you, your family and your heirs as long as you have paying policyholders.

4 – Family Heritage Bonus and Incentive Program – click here for more details

Our partnership with Family Heritage gives our Agents award-winning incentives, cash bonuses, stock grants, and world-class international & domestic vacations.