Our Sales System

Our selling systems are simple, effective, proven, and cost no more money than the gas to get to the prospect’s business or home. We invest in your personal skills (“teaching you to fish”) rather than simply feeding you for a day. This approach has worked for our company since its inception and has taken Family Heritage from $0 in assets in 1989 to over $1B in assets today.

Two Systems to Building Your Client Base

1. Prospecting and Selling Mom & Pop Business Owners

The What: Small Mom & Pop businesses (1 to 10 employee businesses where you can walk in and meet the owner) are underserved in our niche. They are too small for AFLAC and Colonial to serve

The Why: Think about it. A small hair salon, mechanic, flower shop, etc. relies on the owner being present to operate the business and serve the customer. If the owner were to battle cancer and couldn’t run their shop for 3-6 months it would affect their business revenue, their personal income and cause a hardship in paying their business and personal bills. They love the logical nature of our products with Return of Premium. These business owners “get” what you are offering and provide the best referrals.

The How To: You will be trained on a systematic approach to prospect, develop referrals and sell. We call it Pre-Approach. It begins with walking into 20-30 businesses on a daily basis to find the decision-maker, set the appointment and give a presentation. With energy and follow through, it’s extremely effective and produces an immediate result that is long-lasting.

NOTE: We also serve larger businesses on a payroll basis but start with the Mom & Pop and systematically work in the “back door” approach with the larger businesses.

2. Serving Those In Your Personal Network

The Why: The majority of people we’re connected to have never discussed or considered a backup plan if they were to go through cancer, heart attack, stroke or an accident. Most people have been approached by multiple sources regarding Health Insurance, Life Insurance and Retirement, but very few have anything in place to pay their bills while they are battling (and surviving) an illness.

Questions: Think about who you know personally who has battled cancer. Did they have any financial hardships that came unexpectedly? Would they have benefited from having our policy in place? If you went through cancer tomorrow and couldn’t work for 6-9 months or longer how would you pay your bills and keep your family afloat?

The How To: Develop a list of 100 people in your personal network and work out of the local office each week to set up 8-10 selling appointments.

Impact Their Life: Your personal prospect sees the very best supplemental insurance on the market and is grateful you care about them enough to introduce them to the policies. Most likely they have heard of AFLAC and other companies but lack the clear understanding of the benefit of the policies they offer. You benefit by earning a substantial advance pay, lifetime residual income, and a wealth of referrals – all while helping someone you care about!

A Day In The Life….


  • 1 hour. [anytime] – Create weekly game plan on Google Calendar and share with your mentor.
  • Organize all the business you wrote that week and have it ready to turn in Monday.


  • 9 am – Conference Call (In-office meeting on Mondays)
  • 10 am – Phone call block
  • Noon – Appointments + Field Approaches
  • 6 pm – Pre-call planning for next day / CRM Maintenance


  • 9 am – FHL New Agent call
  • 10 am – Make calls to set up next week
  • 12 pm – Appointments + Field Approaches
  • End your day whenever you reach your goal for the week

The Point System

The name of the game in our business is getting 30 “points” per day:

  • 1 Point for making an Approach
    • That could be approaching a referral over the phone,
    • walking into a business and asking to speak to the owner,
    • or walking across the street from a client’s house and introducing yourself to the neighbors.
  • 3 Points for giving a Presentation
  • 5 Points for every family protected

An Example of how points work in the typical First Week:

Monday: Approach 30 people and set 4 appointments = 30 points
Tuesday: Get stood up for 2 appointments, Approach 30 people and set 3 appointments = 30 points
Wednesday: Give 3 Presentations (9 points), Approach 21 people = 30 points
Thursday: Give 5 Presentations (15 points), close 1 with 2 Applications (5 points), and then Approach an additional 10 people = 30 points
Friday: Give 7 Presentations (21 points), close one with 3 Applications (5 points) & one with 2 Applications (5 points) = 31 points

Earnings from the above Activity: (see next section for more details)

  • Total: 7 Applications
  • $1,400 deposit the next week

Every agent is different. Some have a vast network of contacts that they can tap into immediately to get those 30 points every day. Others build their business by introducing themselves to new people until they’ve built up a referral network of their own. Either way, Approaches lead to Presentations lead to Customers.

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