Thank you for connecting with us online! It’s a great way for you to stay up to speed on everything going on with us and with the business we’ve been building for the last 15+ years. Every time I go to a company’s website, I wonder “Who are these guys?” so I thought I’d take a minute and let you get to know me a little bit better.

I’m a serial entrepreneur. I value Fun, Adventure, and Authenticity. I am a “product guy” and have been in sales and business development since 1994 – beginning as a door-to-door “bookman” to work my way through college and have applied my sales skills in the distribution, entertainment, technology and finance fields. Anytime I hear, “You can’t do that!” I always think, “Challenge accepted!” 😉

My partners and I started the Dynasty Financial Group of companies in Houston, TX in 2002. We’ve built it from a founding team of 5 to over 400 agents and 9 independent dealerships nationwide today.

We took the group from the smallest in Family Heritage to the top record-holder in both number of agents and production – generating over $150,000,000 in new premium and launching our own division of Agency Owners. Now we have physical offices in 35 markets and still expanding rapidly. Family Heritage counts on us for $1 out of every $4 of their new business each year so it’s a really exciting place to be!

WorkFORCE is my personal sales team, and while we can cover anyone, we focus on serving entrepreneurs and small business owners. I am passionate about mentoring my Agents into full-fledged Agency Owners. The people I work with are outgoing, have a past track record of success, an entrepreneur mentality, a positive outlook on life, and want to get paid what they’re worth.

We offer something that sets our organization apart from just about everyone else:

A System that works. Our sales system is proven to be successful as long as you follow what we teach you.

Come be a part of the WorkFORCE life – we do what we do to live the life we love!

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Eric Hemati

Chief Believer – WorkFORCE Benefits