What are the odds?

If you had a 1:4 chance of winning the lottery, would you buy a ticket? How about a 7:10 chance? Of course, you would.

But did you know that these odds are facing us each day?

  • There is a 1:4 chance of becoming disabled.
  • There is a 7:10 chance of needing long-term care. Are you prepared?
  • There is a 1:1 chance you are going to die. Do you have life insurance?

Do you have living benefits you can access when you’re sick or hurt?  The cash-flow from them can make the difference between losing your home or your retirement money and staying whole during life’s curveballs.

Planning your summer vacation is always fun.  It’s so much fun that we plan well in advance to get the best price and location.

Preparing for an unexpected event is not fun.  Planning for that event in advance brings you and your family peace of mind.

As my friend Keith says, “Are you failing to plan or planning to fail”?

Let’s plan now while the odds are in our favor.

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Eric Hemati

Eric Hemati

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