January 4, 2018

How Commissions Work

There are 4 parts to our Compensation Plan:

1 – Personal Sales commission on New Business

Our average policy is $100/month. We start our Agents at 30% commission on every dollar of New Business premium. Most policies are paid month-to-month. So every time Family Heritage collects their $100, you earn $30 over their first 12 months. We advance our Agents seven months of commission on every policy they sell.

  1. Client pays $100, you earn $30 (We advance you $210 right away)
  2. Client pays $100, you earn $30
  3. Client pays $100, you earn $30
  4. Client pays $100, you earn $30 
  5. Client pays $100, you earn $30
  6. Client pays $100, you earn $30
  7. Client pays $100, you earn $30 (Now your advance is paid off)
  8. Client pays $100, you earn $30 (Paid “as-earned”)
  9. Client pays $100, you earn $30 (Paid “as-earned”)
  10. Client pays $100, you earn $30 (Paid “as-earned”) 
  11. Client pays $100, you earn $30 (Paid “as-earned”)
  12. Client pays $100, you earn $30 (Paid “as-earned”)

The client in this example has paid $1,200 and you have earned $360

Your Personal Sales commission will automatically increase over time based on Lifetime Personal Production. Our training is designed to help our Agents sell a minimum of 5 policies each week for $250,000 in a year:

  • Your first $150,000 is paid at 30% = $45,000
  • Your second $100,000 is paid at 35% = $35,000
  • Your total earnings for your first year = $80,000

2 – Renewals & Residual Income: the most exciting thing about our career

  • On every active policy, starting in its 13th month, you will be paid a renewal commission.
  • You earn a 2% renewal commission every month for the life of each policy sold.
  • The average Family Heritage policy will stay on the books over 11 years.

Month 13 onward forever: Client pays $100, you earn $2

If you sell 5 policies every week = 250 policies = $500/month in residual income after one year.

Family Heritage policies stay on the books an average of 10+ years.

To calculate the lifetime renewals for one year of sales:
$250,000 in annual sales x 2% x 10+ years of renewals = $50,000

Our Vesting Schedule is one of the fastest in the industry. You will be fully vested after only five years, locking you into a permanent income regardless of your future affiliation with WorkFORCE.

Your renewal commission will also go up from 2% to 3% over time based on Lifetime Personal Production. Both first-year and renewal raises are reflected in the above example.

3 – Team Override on New Business

We’re growing fast and allow all our new Agents to bring in new Agents from day one, and you will earn 5% for all New Business sold by Agents you refer into the agency.

  • Average sale is $100/month or $5/month in commission
  • We advance 7 months of commission = $35
  • For each person making 5-6 sales/week, you would be advanced around $200

So your weekly advance would go up depending on how many active agents you have at any given time:

  • One agent = $200
  • Three agents = $600
  • Ten agents = $2,000

Your override will increase and you can also earn lifetime renewals on your team sales by leveraging our Leadership Track

4 – Family Heritage Bonus and Incentive Program – click here for more details

Our partnership with Family Heritage gives our Agents award-winning incentives, cash bonuses, stock grants, and world-class international & domestic vacations.