April 11, 2016

Business Solutions

All of our clients operate in a competitive environment. You often find yourself going up against larger and better-funded competitors to grow your business. What makes the difference in winning over new clients? More than likely your people are what separates you from everyone else in your field.

Bottom line: Your employees are your greatest asset.

We solve three problems for our clients:

  • Boost Morale – With all the changes from the Affordable Care Act, employees have seen their deductibles rise, their contribution increase, their benefits decrease, and their co-workers get hit with unsustainable out-of-pocket costs when they go through a major health challenge. This has a devastating impact on company morale, and no business owner looks forward to telling their employees that their benefits are about to get weaker yet again.
  • Create the Ultimate Retention Tool – People don’t leave good jobs for more money, they leave for more benefits. As the concepts we implement roll out in more and more businesses, companies that stay moored in old ways of doing things will see their people more and more open-minded to greener pastures.
  • Spur Business Growth – As you’ve grown your business, you’ve realized that you build people, and people build your company. To attract truly “Blue Chip” hires, you need the most cutting edge package – which is more than just a competitive salary and a 401(k). Our programs are re-balanced every few years to create a truly best-of-breed offer for new hires, allowing you to attract the pick of the litter in new talent.


Supplemental insurance (like AFLAC, Colonial, Combined, etc.) used to be seen as an add-on; something nice to make available to employees as a voluntary option. The entire industry is in transition now.

Today, everyone sees that out-of-pocket costs cause over 60% of bankruptcies in America, making major medical events the #1 risk employees deal with. Not making supplemental coverage available to your employees is tantamount to business malpractice, with even most major medical carriers (Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, etc.) coming out with their own supplemental coverage options.

Our approach involves re-balancing the major medical premium in qualified employee groups and utilizing the premium coverage options from Family Heritage – funneling 100% of that premium into their deferred-compensation Return of Premium feature, acting as a set of “Golden Handcuffs” in extra retirement savings for the employees.

Not only can this result in premium savings in the overall costs of the benefits package, but it also opens thousands of dollars every quarter to potentially significant tax savings.

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