If you ever go to a networking function and are looking for a way to introduce yourself, try this sequence:

I’m Eric Hemati with Family Heritage. “Who’s that??” you might be asking yourself. Or you may be thinking: “I’ve never heard of that company!”

Well that’s not surprising, because they don’t spend any money advertising. Their biggest competitor, AFLAC spends millions of dollars getting their duck on Superbowl ads so you’ve probably heard of them.

AFLAC and Family Heritage sell the exact same thing – insurance that pays YOU money if you get sick or hurt.

But since Family Heritage doesn’t spend ANY money on ads, they can afford to give YOU all your premiums back if you don’t use the insurance.

Family Heritage: NO DUCKS, JUST BUCKS.

Eric Hemati

Eric Hemati

Representing Family Heritage products since 2002.

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Gretchen Frazier · August 24, 2018 at 8:04 am

A very engaging and clever elevator pitch Eric. I look forward to our call later today, have a great mornng!

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